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Fantasy Concepts 2017: Winged Beings

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Fantasy Concepts 2017: Winged Beings

Here’s a digital painting I did early this year. I thought some might be interested in seeing some of the steps involved in creating a highly detailed fantasy image. Enjoy.

While doing the first sketch of this picture on paper, I was feeling very happy (or smug) and sipping my mug of coffee and listening to an audiobook, the usual thing. Suddenly I choked and coughed up a whole gulp of coffee. It went everywhere. All over my computer, my screens my sketchbook and my clothes. Today, having learned nothing, I’m listening to an audiobook, sketching and drinking coffee again.

First layers

Since these are humanoid but not human, I gave them bird like claws and feathers growing on their legs etc.

Feathers added

Blocking off the sky and clouds. I really like painting clouds because they are so flexible and can appear in any shape or grouping you want.

Sky and cliffs detail

The home stretch. From here, it’s all adding tiny details, and fiddling with the cloud and atmospheric shades. –Which can take as long as you want and it’s difficult to know when to stop. Also, I have NO idea why the sky is green.

almost done!

Here is the completed image.

Winged Beings

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