Visualize and Realize

Working Together…

I am a designer and illustrator who will take your ideas and vision and do my utmost to bring it to life.

I will execute every commission with care and diligence. The greatest sense of satisfaction comes with a job well done and a product that is both useful and beautiful.

Areas of Expertise:

-Illustration for story books

-Illustration and design for book covers

-Greeting Card design and illustration

-Editorial design and logo design

Matsuoka Yoko

Working Together:

Project agreement

There must be a project agreement in writing before I begin work on any project. Once we have both agreed on the scope, timing and payment for a particular project, I will document it in a file and send it to you for agreement. I have found that this decreases the possibility of misunderstanding and really helps to keep the project on track.


I only accept work-for-hire jobs. This means that when the project is finished, all copyright will belong to you. This will be included in our Project Agreement file.

However, I do request permission to post small-sized samples of some of my projects on this site so that other customers can see my previous work.

First Milestone Payment

I will usually request a percentage of the payment to be released at a point when you, the employer, are satisfied that I can deliver the kind of product you want.- After the first sketches have been approved for example. And then the rest of the payment can be released after the final artwork or design has been completed and approved by you.


There are 2 free revisions per image for all projects. Small fees may apply for further revisions.


Please feel free to contact me via email through the ‘Contact Me’ tab at the top of the page or in certain cases, we may voice chat via skype

Project Cancellation by You

If at any time, you wish to cancel the project you may do so by sending me an email to that effect. If the first milestone has been passed, I would keep the upfront payment as reimbursement for the work I have done so far and I will send to you all the files that have been created before the first milestone.

Project Cancellation by Me

I will try my very best to create something that you will be pleased with. However, I have listed some reasons for me to cancel a project. I sincerely hope that the instances below do not happen, but if they do, I will automatically cancel the project

-If I have not heard from Employer for over 2 weeks

-If payments are more than 2 weeks late

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